Gözde Çekiç

Istanbul, Turkey

Gözde Çekiç has been a seller on eBay since 2011. Her store ‘Kemique’ offers pet apparel to millions of animal lovers across the world.

While completing her master’s degree in Istanbul, Gözde Çekiç started looking for a part-time job to help cover her expenses. Gözde always wanted to start her own business, but couldn’t decide on which product category to sell. Inspired by a trip abroad, Gözde found her passion in pet apparel and wanted to share it with animal lovers across the world.

Gözde launched her business on eBay and she started producing her own pet apparel in Turkey. As her business continues to grow, Gözde wants to apply the experience she gained in the pet apparel category to new areas and also help local homeless animals.
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