Shazia Haroon

SUM Computers, Inc.
Aurora, Colorado

After immigrating to the U.S., Shazia used passion and hard work to build an online business from the ground up. With a drive for meeting customer's needs and continuing to grow her business, Shazia is the example of a true American dream.

Q: Why do you believe customers enjoy buying from you?
A: No matter where we sell in our showroom, on eBay or other competitors’ sites, customer service is our first priority. No matter what anyone says, I believe in people and that is why I am here. Yes, there are some bad ones too, but you have to try your best to provide the best service to a customer.

Q: How has selling on eBay contributed to your success?
A: It is selling on eBay that has gotten me where I am. I consider myself very successful, and I do not have any set work hours. Initially when I started I did work all the time, but even then, I was working for myself so it was always fun. Going from deciding what we can afford at Taco Bell to eating dinners at Del Frisco (an expensive steakhouse in Denver) is all because we have enough cash flow from my eBay business. Not only has eBay been good for us, it also helps us hire other workers and in essence help America grow. My success in America is all due to contribution from eBay.

Q: Where does the inspiration for your business come from?
A: I have been inspired by a lot of people in business. My father was a businessman, and I saw him struggle through his life, but he never gave up. My husband inspired me to keep going. He could have asked me to do a 9-5 job which would have made our life easier, but he inspired me to keep going when I started and keep growing when we were doing well. I have been inspired by my employees as their hard work today inspires me to work hard for them, so they can always have a decent job. I was inspired by the people of America where honesty rules, and eBay is based on honesty, where a buyer will buy from a seller without even looking at them with eBay providing that platform.

Q: How has selling on eBay impacted your life?
A: Everything we have today is because of eBay. I am a real life story of a true immigrant that came to this country with nothing and built a small company with sales of over a million dollars. I did all of this with just hard work, but it was all possible because eBay was there. Without eBay I would have no way to sell the products I purchase. eBay impacts my life still today and it will until I retire, if I ever do. It has been 21 years and I still get impacted by eBay everyday. I do not think there has been a day I have not looked at eBay.

Q: What is your proudest business moment on eBay?
A: My proudest eBay moment was when I moved my operations from my home, garage, and storage units to an actual brick and mortar warehouse. It was a small 1000 sq. ft. rental warehouse, but I knew that it was a step in the right direction. Going out of the house to work and then working for myself was a dream that does not come true for lot of people in the world.