The Innovation Program at eBay is an incubator for groundbreaking concepts and features. By cultivating fresh ideas and pushing the boundaries, the program instills in its participants that anyone can shape the future of eBay with a project they believe in. Watch the documentary series to get an inside look at how new features are made at eBay.

Featured Episode An eBay Original Documentary Series

What is the eBay Innovation Program?

Every day worldwide, thousands of our inventors are reimagining the way we shop and sell. Right now, those inventors are competing for a chance to make it to the top. Follow them on their journey.

Meet the Teams

Meet four teams who are participating in eBay Expo: eBay Eco, Store Windows, MSKU to the Rescue and Watch Your Language. Learn about their products, and see their prep work the day before eBay Expo.

eBay Expo

Follow our teams as they participate in eBay Expo and present to eBay leaders for a chance to land their concepts on the company roadmap.

Announcing the Winners

Find out who won at eBay Expo. The awards up for grabs are the People’s Choice Award, Visionary Award, Technical Innovation Award, Product Innovation Award, and the Innovation Rotation Award.

By rewarding people who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo, to think the impossible, to dream bigger and to allow their curiosity to roam free, we are building a better eBay in service of our customers, and helping to improve lives around the world.
Mazen Rawashdeh, SVP & Chief Technology Officer


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