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Greener Commerce

eBay is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations by increasing efficiency, expanding our use of cleaner energy, and by using our global marketplace to extend the life of goods.

Greener Platform

In a world with increasing environmental challenges, we strive to continually improve the efficiency of the services we provide to our customers, and the workplaces we provide for our employees.

We participate in organizations like the Businesses for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP) and trade associations like the Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC) to advocate policy changes that we believe will have a meaningful impact.

We join forces with peers and non-profits through organizations such as the Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to engage in industry-level problem solving and innovation, sharing best practices to help advance a better future.

Greener Marketplace

Over twenty years ago, eBay created a marketplace allowing people to connect and trade goods. Today, that model is more relevant than ever. The circular economy – preserving the utility and value of products and materials – keeps items in use longer, driving economic, social, and environmental benefits as well as sparking a new way of thinking about the idea of ownership.

eBay enables one product to have many lives. Buyers benefit from this with access to quality items at prices they can afford, and sellers benefit by turning things they don’t need into cash they can use.

Consuming in a more considered way is a choice that comes naturally to many. We were there first and we’re continuing to make it easier than ever.

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