Is this the right time—for you and your business—to join a program like Retail Revival? Take a close look at the following timeline to determine whether the program aligns comfortably with your plans and availability. The timeline has been carefully designed to help businesses get quickly up to speed and make the most of selling on eBay. Unfortunately, it cannot be adjusted to accommodate the needs of individual businesses.

August 28

Applications Open

Eligible small business owners are encouraged to apply to Retail Revival.

We may conduct screening calls with select applicants to learn more about their business and/or clarify details of their application to properly determine their fit for the program.

September 24

Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted by 11:59pm CT on Tuesday, September 24.

September 27         

Applicant Notification

Applicants are notified by email no later than Friday, September 27.

September 27 – October 9


Accepted applicants must complete all eBay registration processes and other program enrollment tasks by Thursday, October 9.

October 10

Program Launch

Retail Revival kicks off with a full-day (~10am-3pm), in-person event at eBay’s Austin office. All sellers are required to attend. If you have a schedule conflict that absolutely prevents you from being able to join us, a representative from your business may attend in your place.

October 10 – November 4

Introductory Training Period

Sellers take part in intensive group trainings, scheduled as follows:

Week 1: Full-day group training session on October 10.
Week 2: Two 2-hour training sessions, offered both in-person and remotely 
Week 3: Two 2-hour training sessions, offered both in-person and remotely

In addition, sellers have individual weekly coaching calls with their assigned specialist (one hour/call).

Please note: The introductory training period is key to participants’ success on eBay. If you are not able to actively and consistently participate in the training activities during this time, you may struggle to catch up and reach your potential on eBay.

November 4


We reconvene at eBay’s Austin office to celebrate our hard work and toast to the growth to come. More details shared closer to the event.

November 4 Onwards

Growth Period

Sellers apply their learnings to their eBay businesses and focus on growth. Through ongoing communications and supplementary trainings, sellers have the opportunity to further enhance their eBay expertise and apply new sales tactics. We will also execute periodic promotional events, campaigns and other activities during this time to drive awareness and traffic for participating businesses.

Sellers are encouraged to stay engaged and will be regularly asked for input so we can shape and execute the program in ways that best meet their needs.