Ready to Join Us?

We are excited to work with you to help your business grow right from home in Baton Rouge by making your products available to our 180M shoppers around the world. The application window will open in August, but in the meantime, we encourage you to fully consider the program offerings and how they might complement your business growth plans.

Confirm Your Eligibility

To participate in Retail Revival, applicants must at minimum:

  • Sell goods (not services) that align with one of eBay’s product categories and do not violate any eBay policy (e.g. hate speech merchandise, ivory, guns, etc.). Learn more about restricted items here.

  • Be based in the Baton Rouge metropolitan area (Baton Rouge and surrounding towns).

  • Be prepared and equipped to fully participate in the program for its full duration.

Beyond these requirements, the strongest applicants will:

  • Have a minimum history of one year of operations.

  • Have a strong business plan that includes ecommerce as part of their growth strategy.

  • Have a brick-and-mortar presence (a plus, but not required).

  • Offer a range and depth of inventory at varying price points.

  • Demonstrate a passion for and commitment to expanding their business.

  • Have at least a basic level of comfort and competency with technology.

  • Maintain an active social media presence.

Prior online selling experience is not a requirement. Many of eBay’s most successful sellers started with a brick-and-mortar presence in their local town and expanded to ecommerce to reach a new, broader customer base.

Finally, while this program is primarily geared toward small businesses not yet selling on eBay, we are happy to consider existing eBay sellers who have not yet reached their potential on the platform and would benefit from dedicated support.

The application window will open in August, so make sure to check back then.