Training Materials

Are you interested in growing your business on eBay? You don’t have to be part of the Retail Revival program to begin. Below, you can find the program materials to help you get started. Make sure to have a look at the program’s timeline to set yourself a pace for ramping up.

Getting Started

Register an account and username on eBay, set up a payment method to pay fees and to receive payment from buyers, and get an eBay store subscription.

Setting Up Shop

Learn the basic with this step-by-step introduction to getting your eBay business up, running and ready for success.


Create the best listings, from photos, keywords and more: best practices for listing on eBay.


Save time and money with these helpful shipping tips.

Seller Hub

Learn how Seller Hub can help you drive your business. Watch these videos: Part 1 and Part 2.

Onsite Resources

Access further training, and get answers to your questions:

Retail Revival Community Board to network with peers and find tips.

Seller Centre to find articles about key eBay topics. 

eBay Help for FAQs.