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By The Numbers

To provide a more holistic view of the gender and ethnic makeup of eBay’s employees, and in an effort to be more transparent from a reporting standpoint, we are presenting our 2017 data alongside our 2016 data. We will continue to share a year-over-year snapshot in subsequent reports. As a reminder, we had 14,100 employees in 2017 as compared to 12,600 employees in 2016.

Gender at eBay—Global


Race and ethnicity—US


Other Measures of Impact

While demographic representation is an important measure of impact, we believe there are other measures that are often underreported or not considered. D&I impact should be considered holistically, by evaluating changes in our people data together with momentum in our programs, initiatives and partnerships. It means that we’re recruiting a more diverse slate of candidates; that more employees are finding ways to bring their best selves to eBay; and that we’re creating opportunities in our marketplace that are relevant to our buyers and sellers. Below are some additional data points we use to evaluate D&I impact.

Download Our Reports

Our archive reports can be accessed here: 2016 D&I Report | 2016 EEO-1 Report

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