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The heart and soul of eBay are the tens of millions of people that sell on our platform. They are a diverse, dedicated and endlessly passionate group of individuals. Some have faced adversity or doubt and overcome odds with eBay’s help, others have walked away from traditional careers to pursue their dream of becoming successful business owners. Come explore the stories that breathe color into our marketplace.

Cori O’Steen UpakNShip

Cori founded her business in 2003 as a single mother packing orders while her children played in her living room. She began selling clothing that her children had outgrown, but always had difficulty finding the proper packaging to ship the clothes in. In 2012, Cori’s family proudly created their own Poly Pak Brand product line including the new Poly Pak Designer Mailers, which are a custom designed colorfully printed line of poly mailers in stock. She is actively involved in her community and through eBay for Charity, donates a proceed of her sales to help fund addiction recovery centers.

John Stack ACityDiscount

In 1999, John was ready to shut down his family-owned restaurant equipment business because he was struggling to move stock locally. Luckily, his son, Marty Stack (now Executive Vice President) and then-General Manager Ed Saunders convinced him to try a fairly new selling strategy: eBay. The trio placed 50 coffeemakers on eBay auctions which sold successfully. Almost overnight, ACityDiscount transformed from a local business with four employees to a coast-to-coast sales operation eager for online expansion. ACityDiscount is now ranked as one of eBay’s largest providers of restaurant equipment.

Bill Ingersoll Bikes, Trikes and Quads

Bill grew up racing Motocross in a rural area in upstate New York. As the son of a single mother, money was always tight, which led Bill, his grandfather, and business partner to begin buying and selling ATVs and ATV parts to supplement the costs of racing. In 2008, he tragically suffered a severe spinal cord injury, which confined him to a wheelchair. The accident marked a turning point in his life, catalyzing his eBay career and leading him to start an eCommerce business. Since 2010, Bill has been using his passion for Motocross to sell ATV parts in his eBay store, Bikes, Trikes and Quads.

Gina Foster POCKETS

One summer, Gina’s daughter asked her to purchase duct tape so that she could tape her sheet to her plastic summer camp mattress. As a problem solver, Gina refused to buy the tape and instead bought fabric to sew a sheet that could not pop off the mattress. At the end of camp, a camp leader asked where she bought those "incredible sheets"; her kids were the only campers who woke up ON their sheets and not stuck to the mattress. MATTRESS POCKET® was born. After selling at small shows and fairs, Gina turned to eBay, growing her business globally and bringing economic opportunity to her small town.

Hawa Lukulay Messie's Closet

Hawa launched her eBay career shortly after she graduated high school in 2013. Fascinated by the thrill of treasure hunting, she opted to spend her summer before college learning the ropes of selling young contemporary clothing on eBay instead of getting a job. Fast forward five years, Hawa has successfully put herself through college with her store earnings, giving her the freedom to grow the business and manage her own schedule.

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