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To support the world’s largest internet marketplace, eBay tackles technical challenges at a scale that few others have. With this blog, we share our experiences working on those challenges with the technical community.


Universal Finder: Moving Toward One Platform for All Finders

By: Kishore Kumar Mohan and Sachin Tilloo

Showing our buyers relevant inventory of what they want to shop for among eBay's vast billion plus inventory is always a priority. One of the avenues we use regularly for filtering is what call "Finders," which are shown in the Search and Browse experiences. This article explains our efforts of unifying our finders and moving them towards a universal finder platform.

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Identity Management Strategy as a Relying Party for OAuth 2.0

By: Senthilkumar Gopal

Users encounter new products every day, and their real-world entity manifests itself in multiple virtual identities across the internet. Creating an account or authenticating one’s virtual identity is a necessary and ubiquitous precursor to performing any meaningful action on a website, such as purchasing an item, posting a message, etc. This article reflects upon a well-defined orchestration on how to integrate identity providers while acting as a relying party, the strategies followed to resolve collision in identities, and its overall architectural flow.

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Unicorn—Rheos Remediation Center

By: Lubin Liu

Rheos is eBay's near-line data platform, and it owns thousands of stateful machines in the cloud. The Rheos team has been building and enhancing the automation system over the past two years. However, it’s time to unify the past work and build a modern, automatic remediation system, Unicorn.


Drag and Drop Search: A New Way to Search on eBay

By: Ravi Pitapurapu

eBay has over a billion listings across a wide variety of categories that millions of buyers search every day. It is a significant challenge to connect the right buyer to the right listing and in the process to present the user with similar items that are suited to the buyers inputs.


Adapting Continuous Integration and Delivery to Hardware Quality

By: Ashvini Mangalvedhekar

A hyperscale infrastructure demands a high level of automation to hardware testing to increase productivity and rigor. The idea was to automate the traditional methods of qualifying servers and server components by applying CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) principles of software development to the hardware development lifecycle.


Big Data Governance: Hive Metastore Listener for Apache Atlas Use Cases

By: Aroop Maliakkal Padmanabhan and Tiffany Nguyen

At eBay, we are obsessed with data quality and governance. Because eBay's Hadoop platform hosts 500 PB of data running over 15,000 nodes, the focus on governance is of utmost importance. This article discusses our experiences handling data governance at scale.


Two Years Later: APIs are the Destination

By: Tanya Vlahovic

eBay speaks API! Two years ago, we started a journey to deliver a new, modern family of APIs to expose marketplace capabilities to sellers and buyers.

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