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eBay Tech Blog

To support the world’s largest internet marketplace, eBay tackles technical challenges at a scale that few others have. With this blog, we share our experiences working on those challenges with the technical community.

Elasticsearch Performance Tuning Practice at eBay
By: Pei Wang

Elasticsearch is an open source search and analytic engine based on Apache Lucene that allows users to store, search, analyze data in near real time. While Elasticsearch is designed for fast queries, the performance depends largely on the scenarios that apply to your application, the volume of data you are indexing, and the rate at which applications and users query your data. This document summarizes the challenges as well as the process and tools that the Pronto team builds to address the challenges in a strategic way. It also shows certain results of benchmarking various configurations for illustration.

Beyond HTTPS
By: Senthil Padmanabhan

HTTPS is not just about security. There are many benefits that come along with it. One such benefit is access to modern technologies. Check out how eBay leverages some of these new technologies that HTTPS opens up.

Android Accessibility Automation with Espresso
By: KP Bhat

As one of the accessibility champions in our company and a digital inclusion proponent, I have always tried to explore new avenues to improve accessibility across the different platforms that we support. According to the World Bank, 15% of the world’s population has some type of disability. Adding accessibility features makes using mobile apps easier for all users, not just those with disabilities.

Experience Services — eBay’s Solution to Multi-Screen Application Development
By: Chuck Zheng and Senthil Padmanabhan

Many companies want to offer their products and services as both web and native experiences -- so-called multi-screen application development. Application development on various devices is historically siloed. The eBay Experience Service interface abstracts most business logic/knowledge away from clients to provide new functionality to native and web apps with minimum or no client code change.

marko logo medium cropped2
The Future of Marko
By: Patrick Steele-Idem

At eBay, we’ve completely transformed how we build web applications, starting with the transition from a Java-based stack to a Node.js-based stack. Node.js has enabled teams to move faster, and it offers an abundant ecosystem of tools and libraries that are essential to modern web application development.

Google Sign-In Integration for the eBay Android App
By: Senthilkumar Gopal

Every day we hear news of data breaches and passwords being stolen or compromised.

Tiered Test Automation
By: Ann Del Rio

As application code has evolved from monolithic to client-server, and to now micro-services, test automation has to evolve as well.

Beats @ eBay - Collectbeat - A Journey where Company and Community Come Together
By: Vijay Samuel

In early 2016, the Monitoring Special Interest Group (SIG) ventured into solving the problem of logs and metrics shipping from (eBay’s Kubernetes ecosystem).

Automating the Creation of Standard Change Requests at eBay
By: Brian Davies

eBay’s Network Engineering team operates a large-scale network infrastructure with a presence across the globe.

eBay’s Font Loading Strategy
By: Senthil Padmanabhan

The usage of custom fonts in web pages have steadily increased in recent years. As of this writing, 68% of sites in the HTTP Archive use at least one custom font. At eBay, we have been discussing custom web fonts for typography for quite some time, but never really pursued it. The main reason was due to uncertainty in end user experiences from a performance standpoint.

Dissect Helps Engineers Visualize and Debug Distributed Applications
By: Ramesh Mahadevan

In a natural evolution from a services architecture, we at eBay have adopted microservices to help us drive faster and more productive development cycles.

Introducing Regressr - An Open Source Command Line Tool to Regression Test HTTP Services
By: Ashwanth Fernando

In the Artificial Intelligence-Human Language Technologies team at eBay, we work on software that powers eBay’s conversational bot, ShopBot.

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