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eBay Tech Blog

To support the world’s largest internet marketplace, eBay tackles technical challenges at a scale that few others have. With this blog, we share our experiences working on those challenges with the technical community.

Optimization Study on Processing Order of NetScaler Load Balancer Layer 7 Policies
By: Charles Li, John Yang and Leona Zhang

Traffic on is processed by thousands of layer 7 policies on the load balancers. Clearly understanding the processing order ensures availability (by avoiding misconfigurations) and performance (by prioritizing the policies efficiently).

GUI Testing Powered by Deep Learning
By: Honghao Wang, Sovan Rath and Yotam Sharan

Deep Learning (DL) is revolutionizing the face of many industries these days, such as computer vision, natural language processing, and machine translation, and it penetrates many science-driven products and technological companies, including eBay. These days, DL is taking its first strides in eBay’s Quality Engineering (QE) space, and it has already proven to outperform the best test veteran and industry-grade applications one could find.

Integration Testing with React and Enzyme
By: Matthew Wood

As a React application grows, it is important to ensure that all the components continue to work together. Using Enzyme, we created an integration testing framework that tests a React application in its entirety, without relying on a server. The result was a lightning fast integration test suite that gives us high confidence that the critical paths of our application are always working.

How Developers Power eBay’s Product-Based Shopping Experience
By: Curtis Gavin

eBay is moving towards a Product-Based Shopping Experience (PBSE) in 2018. With the new experience, buyers will be able to easily find merchandise that meets their search criteria and quickly decide which products they want to purchase.

Altus Care: Applying a Chatbot to eBay Platform Engineering
By: Alison Shu

eBay developers recently combined several commonly used technologies, including Lucene search and the Stanford Natural Language Processor, to create Altus Care, a chatbot that provides an instant one-stop support solution for internal eBay Altus users.

Stepping Towards a Password-Free World
By: Ashok Balasubramanian

eBay Identity has taken an ambitious goal of killing passwords for eBay users once for all. However, killing passwords is not a trivial task, as users have been using passwords as a primary authentication mechanism to access e-commerce and financial websites over the past 20+ years.

Functional Thinking
By: Tony Da Silva Bernardino

Functional Programming is more than a set of principles. It's a paradigm; a different way of thinking. It focuses on the “what” is being done, as opposed to the “how” it’s being done as in Object Oriented and Imperative paradigms.

The Design of A/B Tests in an Online Marketplace
By: Jason (Xiao) Wang

A/B testing is at the heart of data-driven decision making at eBay when launching product features to our site. However, the tests must be designed to carefully manage the interaction between the test and control groups.

Announcing the Accelerator
By: Anders Berkeman, Carl Drougge and Sofia Hörberg

The Expertmaker Accelerator is a well-proven data processing framework that provides fast data access, parallel execution, and automatic organization of source code, input data, and results. It can be used for daily data analysis tasks as well as operating as a live recommendation system with hundreds of thousands of large data files and many CPUs. The Accelerator is now released as open source by eBay.

Optimizing CAL Report Hadoop MapReduce Jobs
By: Wanxue Li

eBay's Central Application Logging system (CAL) collects log data from all kinds of applications. The summary reports for log data are created using Hadoop MapReduce jobs. This article discusses our experiences optimizing these jobs.

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Thinking Inside the Box
By: Dan Slightam

The use of Augmented Reality in mobile app development is gaining momentum very quickly. eBay just introduced its first AR features into the Android mobile app.

Finding Desirable Items in eBay Search by a Deep Dive into Skipped Items
By: Ishita Khan

When you search on eBay and there are many matching listings, how does eBay figure out which ones to rank at the top? One key ingredient is to determine how well the listing matches the intent of the query.

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