eBay Introduces Deal Finder: conducts price comparisons across the web #ebaynews

By: Richard Brewer-Hay

eBay has launched a new tool this holiday season called eBay Deal Finder that compares eBay listings with similar products on other sites like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart.com and gives shoppers access to more than 50,000 deals on eBay.

Deal Finder homepage

I sat down with Guy Schory, the man behind the new tool. I was fascinated to learn that it began as a side project for an internal innovation contest and he and his team had to work on it after hours. It’s a real labor of love. I like to call it Daily Deals on steroids.

Also accessible from The eBay App for Blackberry
BlackBerry® users are the first to get a shortcut to some of the deepest discounts online. The eBay app for BlackBerry smartphones, updated today, offers a selection of top deals from eBay Deal Finder. eBay data shows that BlackBerry app users are especially interested in shopping for media, electronics and other technology products on their phones, and adding eBay Deal Finder into the app will bring great deals on these popular items straight to the palm of their hand.