Jack Sheng talks with eBay Ink at Shop.org 2009

By: Richard Brewer-Hay

It has been almost a year since Jack Sheng (Eforcity) was the first to be awarded the silver “Shooting Star” for a million feedback. It had also been a year since I was able to sit down and chat with him but I was fortunate enough to spend some time with him at last week’s Shop.org 2009 conference. We managed to grab lunch with another colleague of mine, Young Mi, and afterward he spent some time with us chatting about his past year on eBay… Here is the resulting video footage.



Jack Sheng talks about how his selling format has changed over the past 10 months, going from 99% auctions / 1% fixed-price format to 75% fixed-price format / 25% auction-format:

Jack Sheng talks about the emergence of mobile commerce, the transformation of eBay over the past 18 months and concludes by discussing his optimism heading into the pending holiday season:

Jack Sheng talks about what he’s hoping to see from eBay in the future and talks about areas in which he hopes to see eBay improve: