VIDEO: Todd Lutwak discusses the eBay Seller Announcement

By: Richard Brewer-Hay

All, I’ve been hoping to start introducing more video to the blog. So when I had some questions for Todd Lutwak coming out of this week’s eBay Marketplace seller announcement, rather than publish a written account of his answers, I thought it best to just have him answer on camera.

Todd Lutwak

I was unable to meet with Todd myself so my friend and colleague, Ryan Burnham, went and tracked him down armed with a few questions I’d written up and a Flipcam. A huge thanks to Todd and Ryan for taking the time to do this for eBay Ink. Here is the subsequent footage.


1. This Monday marked the second significant announcement around our marketplace for sellers this year… Overall, how do you think it went this week?

2. Is there a key theme that you’re hearing/seeing in response to the announcement?

3. Is the following statement (that came in on the blog) true or false? “People with a high % of cross-border sales will be losing PowerSeller status because their overseas sales won’t count toward their minimum sales amounts.”

4. A lot of news to digest… is anything getting lost in the mix that you’d like to address?