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In Global Commerce, Small is the New Big

See how eBay is creating economic opportunity for entrepreneurs around the world.

New Data Indicates a Leveling of the Playing Field for Global Commerce

Over the past decade, technology has driven a game-changing shift in the global economy, enabling more small businesses to sell to customers around the world and compete with large enterprises. For the 2016 Small Online Business Growth Report, we looked at eBay sales and seller data across 10 markets and four years (2010-2014). The data reveals how these small business (SMB) sellers are using technology to drive growth and engage in global trade at rates that far outpace traditional businesses around the world.

Executive Version

A succinct ten-country version of the report that captures key data points and trends.

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Full Report

A substantive report commissioned and written by the eBay Policy Lab with comprehensive data and insights.

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