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Every day, millions of people worldwide come to eBay to buy, sell and give to the causes that matter most to them. We embrace and honor the trust our global community puts in us to maintain a secure platform. For over 25 years, we have continued to build product and technological advancements, and evolve our programs and policies in service of our customers.

ESG Governance

Guided by the eBay Impact team, with oversight from eBay’s Board of Directors and Leadership team, our approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters is integrated into the core of our business.

The Board’s Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee (CGN) oversees eBay’s policies and programs on ESG issues and sustainability reporting. The full board has ultimate responsibility for risk oversight. ESG and sustainability updates are provided to the CGN at at least two board meetings per year.

Our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) leads eBay’s Impact team. The team works across eBay to help our business groups and functions prioritize ESG as part of the company’s overall strategy, including goal setting, impact measurement and reporting. 

Each of eBay’s Impact goals is sponsored by a member of the Leadership team to ensure we prioritize and remain accountable in our efforts to achieve these targets at the highest levels of our business. In addition, the CSO works closely with Investor Relations on ESG-related investor issues and disclosures.

To advance our strategies, manage risks and capitalize on opportunities, we have formed the ESG Council of senior leaders, which is composed of and engages with critical partners across teams, including brand compliance, data center engineering, delivery and risk management. The ESG Council’s sponsor is our CEO, Jamie Iannone.


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