Our 2021 DE&I Report

eBay brings together millions of buyers and sellers to connect people and to build communities. Building an inclusive marketplace that serves the diversity on our platform requires a team that can understand and reflect the needs of these individuals. Learn more about how we’ve evolved our DE&I strategy to become more outcomes driven, to deliver meaningful and sustainable change, and to better support the communities we serve.

Hear from Our Leaders

eBay is more than just an ecommerce platform — our marketplace uniquely exemplifies diversity. We welcome those of different geographies, backgrounds, lived experiences and passions. Hear more from a few of our leaders on what DE&I means to them and why it is so important to our business.

Getting Specific

We owe it to ourselves and most importantly to our community to be clear about the outcomes we're driving toward when we talk about diversity, equity and inclusion at eBay. Our four strategic objectives, outlined below, are in service of our commitment to being a richly diverse, truly equitable and fearlessly inclusive place to work, grow, buy and sell.

Increase Representation

We are focused on increasing representation across all minority groups at every level of the organization.

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"Diversity is a must for us, not a nice to have. We’re integrating inclusivity in everything we do … And this is just the beginning; we have much more work to do."

-Sachi Dawkins, Director of Executive Recruiting

Cultivate a Sense of Belonging

We are fostering an environment of inclusion and are applying an equity focused lens to all of our people processes.

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"Creating a network that empowers each other to grow — and that recognizes shared challenges — can be a really powerful element when building a sense of belonging."

-Daniela Martinez, a People Development Partner at eBay

Engage Our Communities and Allies

We are applying DE&I tenets as we engage our community of buyers and sellers, business partners as well as the broader communities that we serve.

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"The eBay Foundation is honored to work alongside community partners who are working to create impactful solutions for equity and inclusion. They are making a real difference, and supporting this work is at the heart of what we do."

-Allie Ottoboni, President of the eBay Foundation

Build Inclusive Technology

We are addressing biases that may exist in the AI that powers our platform and designing experiences that include diverse communities.

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"We’re reimagining how we empower our customers through advanced technologies, designing experiences to be more broadly inclusive."

-Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov, Chief AI Officer

Our Communities of Inclusion (COIs)

Our COIs welcome, connect and support eBay employees from all over the world. COIs are employee-led groups and are the cornerstone of building an inclusive culture and fostering a sense of belonging at eBay. Our COIs bring together those of different ages, disability statuses, races/ethnicities, gender identities and expressions, military status, and sexual orientation, and we continue to form new communities along the way.

Accessibility is a community that supports disabilities, both visible and non-visible, by ensuring eBay products and employee experiences are accessible to all.

Asian Employees at eBay (AE²) believes in providing an opportunity to learn and share from one another by supporting eBay’s employees of Asian descent.

Black Employees at eBay (BEE) addresses the needs and increases awareness of this community while inviting all employees to participate. BEE strives to ensure career advancement and successful engagement with buyers and sellers of African descent.

Development, Empower & Support the Indian Subcontinent Community at eBay (DESI) celebrates those of Indian subcontinent descent — as well as employees interested in Indian subcontinent culture — with inclusive, innovative programs that make eBay a great place to work.

Honor’s mission is to use recruitment, training and mentorship to create an opportunity for veterans and service members from across the world.

UNIDOS is focused on supporting employees and customers of Hispanic and Latinx descent by building relationships in those communities.

United in Pride (UiP) believes in supporting the LGBTQ+ community inside and out of eBay, celebrating everyone across the spectrum. UiP’s commitment to positive conversations aims to keep eBay a safe haven that’s free of judgment for the community.

Women at eBay is a community led by women and men focused on advancing gender diversity and creating an environment for women to thrive in professionally.

Young Employee Society (YES!) believes in supporting the young and the young-at-heart to spark innovation. Our community aims to develop careers and help others along the way.

eBay is proud to be at the world’s largest gathering of #WomenInTech! Connect with us at the Grace Hopper Conference.

We recognize the service and sacrifices that veterans have made for our country. Our Honor Role veteran apprenticeship program provides career mentorship for veterans as they shift into the civilian workforce.

As AAPI Heritage Month comes to a close, our SVP & Chief Legal Officer, Marie Oh Huber reflects on the importance of celebrating differences and welcoming others from a variety of backgrounds.