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Retail Revival: Hello Lansing!

By: Chris Librie, Head of Global Impact and Giving, eBay

After six months in Akron, the program has expanded to Lansing, Michigan with more than 50 participating small businesses.

eBay Reveals New Deals for First-Ever Vinyl Obsession Week

Press Release

eBay is introducing Vinyl Obsession Week, offering exclusive and rare record bundles and deals on in-demand vinyls from a wide selection of artists and genres.

eBay Delivers Petition to Congress Signed by More Than One Million Americans in Support of A Federal Tax Solution for Small Businesses

Press Release

Today’s bi-partisan legislation represents a positive step forward to protect small businesses and encourage continued entrepreneurship.

Everyday Heroes: Turning Cards into Cures

By: eBay News Team

After his parents died of cancer, Marcel Bilak opened a charity shop on eBay, donating a portion of his proceeds to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

What’s Trending on eBay? Everything That’s Relevant and Important to You

By: Scott Cutler, SVP, eBay Americas

Our marketplace is the most diverse and dynamic in the world, and it’s a reflection of what matters to people at all times.

eBay Open-Sources Technology that Uses Head Motion to Navigate User Interface on iPhone X

By: Muratcan Cicek, eBay Intern and PhD Candidate at University of California, Santa Cruz

We built a hands-free app to make online shopping easier for people with motor impairments.

eBay’s Third Annual UK Retail Report Reveals Biggest Shopping Trends In Britain

By: eBay UK News Team

eBay UK Uses Data Storytelling to Launch an Interactive Experience

eBay Builds Own Servers, Intends to Open Source

By: Mazen Rawashdeh, VP of Platform Engineering, eBay

Open source is fueling the transformation of eBay’s infrastructure with technologies like Kubernetes, Envoy, MongoDB, Docker and Apache Kafka. By sharing our innovations with the community, we are hoping to give back.

eBay Expands Luxury Authentication Program to Watches

Press Release

eBay Authenticate™ offers millions of shoppers authenticity verified high-end watches and handbags; program expands globally.

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