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eBay Brings Verified Condition Program to Heavy Equipment Category

eBay News Team

The marketplace’s latest offering includes in-person inspections, more transparent used equipment condition reporting, and expanded purchase protections.

The heavy equipment industry has rapidly evolved over the last few years, navigating spiking demand, supply chain constraints and a shift toward used inventory in the face of production delays on new products. The ways in which we buy used heavy equipment have changed, too, from traditional in-person auctions to online solutions that offer more selection, value and convenience. To add to that list of advantages, today we are happy to announce the launch of Verified Condition, a new suite of offerings and protections that gives users added trust on our marketplace. 

A Verified Condition checkmark will now appear on eligible listings from bidadoo, eBay’s strategic partner with more than 20 years of expertise in the heavy equipment sector. That checkmark indicates the equipment has been inspected in person by a bidadoo professional or bidadoo authorized representative, and that the listing comes with a detailed, multi-point condition report and five-star rating system. If the item arrives not as described, damaged or malfunctioning, the purchase is backed by eBay’s Business Equipment Purchase Protections.

“Whether users are looking for an industrial excavator or a transmission for a classic car, trust is a critical part of the online buying experience – especially when it comes to high-valued items,” said Luci Yang, Senior Director, Business & Industrial at eBay. “Verified Condition marks an important step for eBay’s business and industrial customers as we enable them to more quickly find expertly-vetted inventory they can trust.” 

Verified Condition is the latest initiative introduced to underscore user confidence on the marketplace, joining the eBay Guaranteed Fit program for car, truck and motorcycle parts and accessories; Authenticity Guarantee for sneakers, trading cards and luxury items; and the eBay Refurbished program. 

As more and more buyers turn to ecommerce for their heavy equipment needs – due in large part to factors like inflation, and inventory scarcity in dealerships and rental companies – eBay is committed to making the process of buying and selling on our platform seamless, easy and robust. With eBay sellers continuously adding equipment like skid steers, boom lifts, backhoes, wheel loaders and more, buyers can access a host of Verified Condition-covered listings at any time, anywhere.

How Verified Condition Works

The program ensures buyers can easily discover and purchase equipment that meets rigorous quality standards and comes backed by comprehensive coverage. In addition to the in-person evaluation and condition report generated by the marketplace’s strategic partner, bidadoo, eBay is also doubling its Business Equipment Purchase Protections to cover items up to $200,000 that are up to 20 years old. Here’s how it works: 

  • Sourcing inventory: bidadoo curates heavy equipment listings from some of the country’s largest and most reputable dealers, manufacturers and rental companies. 

  • Inspecting the product: A trained member of the bidadoo team or a bidadoo authorized representative goes to the equipment’s location to verify its condition, features and specifications.

  • Verifying condition: A Verified Condition report is created which outlines multiple points of inspection, including body, frame, sprockets and paint. The report is then made accessible within the listing, along with detailed images and video.  

  • Discovering eligible items: Buyers can look for the Verified Condition checkmark on listings to confirm the equipment has been inspected and that their purchase is backed by eBay’s Business Equipment Purchase Protections. 

Learn more about the program and visit our heavy equipment listings covered by Verified Condition here.