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Hello, Halifax!

At eBay, our mission is to create opportunity for all. Supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses in communities around the world is central to this mission – it’s why we come to work each day, and it’s why we’re here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After a nationwide search, Halifax was selected based on the strength and diversity of its local retail community and the Halifax region’s robust support of small business.

What Is Retail Revival?

eBay launched its pilot Retail Revival program in Akron, Ohio in March 2018 and has since expanded the innovative program to Lansing, Michigan and Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom (with more cities on the way!). With in-depth training and dedicated support, these sellers are now growing their businesses on eBay and reaching customers around the globe.

eBay's been so wonderful to work with. My representative has gone out of his way to ensure that we are set up for success. There's just been great experience after great experience with eBay.
Bill Myers, Founder, New Territory, and Retail Revival Akron Seller

Benefits of Retail Revival

Specifically, participants can look forward to:

Onboarding Onboarding Support: eBay will help Retail Revival participants get started on eBay, including setting up their accounts and stores.
Training Training & Education: Retail Revival sellers will participate in a comprehensive training program that covers eBay selling basics as well as strategies for getting the most out of eBay’s platform and tools for boosting sales.
OngoingSupport Ongoing Support: Retail Revival sellers have access to a dedicated customer service team that will provide strategic guidance and troubleshooting support to enable their growth on eBay.
StoreSubscription Store Subscription: Retail Revival sellers receive a complimentary one-year Premium store subscription, which offers free listings, shipping supplies and other valuable perks.
Marketing Marketing & PR: eBay will highlight and help drive traffic to participating sellers’ eBay stores through a dedicated landing page on eBay will also feature select Retail Revival sellers across its online properties and social media channels and continually seek coverage of the Retail Revival program with local, regional and national press outlets.

General eBay Benefits

In addition to the benefits uniquely offered through the Retail Revival program, eBay offers many general perks and opportunities that will help your business grow.

Here are some of the things our sellers love most about eBay:

  • Massive customer base. 183M active buyers use eBay in 190 markets worldwide.

  • Global reach. 99.9% of Canadian eBay commercial sellers (sellers with more than $10,000 USD in sales annually) sell internationally.

  • eBay’s an ally, not a competitor. As a pure marketplace, eBay only succeeds when its sellers succeed. That’s why we are committed to supporting and enabling our sellers every step of the way.

  • Variety of value. While many customers continue to look to eBay to find their second-hand treasures, 80% of items now sold on eBay are new and unused.

  • No bidding required. 90% of items on eBay are listed at a fixed price, not auction.

  • World-class infrastructure at your fingertips. Whether it’s tools to ship globally with ease or customized promotional tools, eBay offers solutions that meet sellers’ needs no matter where they are on their business journey.

  • Fair transaction fees. At just 10%, eBay’s transaction fees are lower than many competitors (and some categories offer even lower final value fees).

  • Mobile Friendly. The majority of consumers now use their mobile devices to make purchases. eBay’s highly-rated app has been downloaded 490 million times.

What’s the Catch?

That’s the best part: there is no catch! This program is being offered completely free of charge to all participating sellers. All we ask is that Retail Revival Halifax sellers devote the requisite time and effort to the program across its entire 12-month duration. This ensures the best possible outcomes for their businesses.

In general, participating sellers are required to:

  • Attend the full-day kick-off event on March 13 (see details in Program Timeline)

  • Consistently participate in 1:1 coaching calls, webinars and other introductory training activities for the first 2-3 months of the program.

  • Participate in supplementary trainings and events beyond introductory period (usually monthly).

  • Provide program feedback via regular surveys.

  • Dedicate at least 10 hours/week, on average, to maintaining, promoting and growing their eBay business (learning, listing inventory, fulfilling orders, managing customer inquiries, etc.) for the duration of the program. This can be done by the business owner directly or via a dedicated staff member.

Without exception, the most successful sellers in Retail Revival and on eBay in general are the most active, creative and committed. The program has been designed to help you succeed, but ultimately your results are in your hands.