The heart and soul of eBay are the tens of millions of people that sell on our platform. Come explore the stories that breathe color into our marketplace.

Preuss Pets Kirbay Preuss

Forty years ago, Kirbay Preuss’s fiery and loving grandma opened an aquatic pet store in Pennsylvania—a progressive move for a female entrepreneur at the time. The family-owned business continues today in Lansing, Michigan, under the leadership of Kirbay and her parents, Rick and Debbie, who have taken their hometown “pet store with a purpose” to a global market through the eBay Retail Revival program.  

Goodstart Jones Paul Jones, Anson Carridice-Davids, Paris Walker-Barnes

Founded in a city built on industry, Wolverhampton, U.K., Goodstart Jones sees its unique line of handcrafted wooden sacks as a sign of the city’s industrial future. The bag, backpacks and luggage accessories company lives by the mantra that inspired its name—pay attention to quality and detail, and in whatever you do keep improving and make a good start.

Sweetlees Boutique Cori Thackary

Former school teacher and mom Cori Thackary loves to see the confidence that radiates from customers who feel comfortable and beautiful in the clothing she selects for her boutique. And the success of building a thriving brick-and-mortar and online retail store gives Cori her own boost of confidence, empowering her to achieve big personal goals—like running a half marathon.