Fedor Stetskevich and Andrey Kondukhov

Moscow, Russia

Passionate about car design, Fedor and Andrey decided to sell to the world through eBay. Just a few years later, they’re planning to open a second studio in Los Angeles to keep up with demand.

“You don’t need special skills to start selling on eBay and reach customers worldwide, that is why eBay is the simplest tool to become an international seller.”Tuning-studio Clinched came from a partnership between two very different personalities – Andrey and Fedor – that have a strong passion for cars that bring them together. Andrey started a business selling CDs back in the early 2000s and later teamed up with Fedor, who graduated from one of the most famous art schools in Russia.

Inspired by the American automotive culture, Andrey and Fedor created brand new designs for cars, which didn’t exist in Russia before and became very popular with local customers. Later, the duo decided to try to expand globally and made their first listing on eBay in 2014. In 3 years, their team has grown to 6 people and sales have risen impressively. Cross-border sales now make up more than 90% of Clinched studio business and they have recently set up a studio in Los-Angeles. The duo would not only like to continue promoting their brand internationally, but would also like to introduce smaller Russian tuning brands to foreign buyers.

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