Gina Foster

Sulphur, Oklahoma

One summer, Gina’s daughter asked her to purchase duct tape so that she could tape her twin sheet to her plastic summer camp mattress. Always a problem solver, Gina refused to buy the duct tape and instead bought fabric to sew a bed sheet that could not pop off the mattress. At the end of the camp, a camp leader asked where she bought those "incredible sheets" because her kids were the only campers who woke up ON their bed sheets and not stuck to the plastic mattress. Right then, MATTRESS POCKET®, the sheet that Won't Pop Off - Guaranteed, was born. After selling at small shows and fairs, Gina turned to eBay, growing her business globally and bringing economic opportunity to her small Oklahoma town. We recently caught up with Gina and asked her about her 2019 new year business resolutions, here is what she had to say.

Q: When you’re back in the “office” after the holiday, what is the first thing on your to-do list?
A: An early Spring Cleaning! Clean up our eBay store and all of our Listings. Using the Holiday sales as our guide for determining pros and cons of listings as well as the increased amount of emails and questions received during the holidays as a way to clarify the wording of our listings. The ultimate goal is for customers to read all about our product and to order with total confidence and no confusion! Listening to the customers is the best way to achieve the closest to a perfect listing as possible.

Q: What is one thing new you’ll be doing in 2019?
A: We are going to start building stock of commonly ordered sheets. This will help speed up processing orders thru and shipping those orders out almost immediately.

Q: One big win from your holiday plan?
A: Using the increased flow of business and the customers themselves as the guide for growth and direction of our business. Holiday traffic is the best because the influx of business for the holidays increases the size of our customer base and the opportunity for more one on one contacts! It is vital to capitalize on the increased access to the people who purchase our sheets! Building a business on the needs of people has proven to be a total success!

Q: Do you do business plans, and if yes, do you find them helpful for setting goals in the new year?
A: Without a target you are shooting randomly and in too many directions. Use the business plan to get you aimed in one direction and to help you generate new sparks and then use the sparks and the growth of the business to achieve your goal in the business plan. The growth of your business is your concrete and your foundation, not the business plan though. The business plan is a guide to get you going and the guide to help you aim but once you take off, the customers and their needs should take over and become the fuel for the fire of your business.

Q: How do you stay motivated?
A: The customers keep me motivated! The wonderful emails, cards, notes, feedback, reviews … wow! Knowing that our solution to an age-old problem is so positively impacting SO MANY PEOPLE is extremely motivating!! Also, discovering through the eBay Open event, that eBay is more than a selling and buying site but a group of people working to help me build a successful business is extremely motivating! I love the concierge program! The personal contacts from the committed eBay team is unheard of in any other site that I have ever experienced.