Piotr Licznerski

Cacti Licznerscy
Osielsko, Poland

The Licznerski family have been growing and selling cactuses for nearly half a century. Initially, they sold to friends and acquaintances. Today, they own the biggest cactus farm in Poland and ship internationally.

“Our customers are my greatest source of motivation. The more demanding they are, the more determined I am to work harder. I’m delighted that I’ve passed on my passion to other family members, who’ve been very supportive from day one. I can proudly say that cactuses are our entire life.”                                                                  - Piotr Licznerski

The family tradition started when Piotr Licznerski visited his first cactus exhibition in the 1960s. It changed his life, as it was then that he decided that he wanted his own cactus collection. Shortly afterwards, he left for Erfurt, Germany to meet a world-famous cactus expert from whom he purchased his first seeds. Aged 70, he enrolled in a postgraduate course and, as the oldest alumnus in Europe, did his Master’s in growing cactuses in vitro. He wanted to learn more about the plants, create new species and better respond to the needs of collectors around the world.

Today, one can hardly find a bigger or more diverse collection of cactuses than that of the Licznerski family. Piotr’s daughters, who are truly dedicated to the family business, helped him start selling on eBay. Entering the global market was a major breakthrough. It only took a few hours to sell the first 12 plants on eBay. Today, they sell between 50 and 100 a day. As many as 99% are rare species bought by collectors worldwide

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