Samuel Lu

New Green Nutrition
Flushing, New York

Based in New York, Samuel Lu expanded his family’s herbs and medicine business by listing their products on eBay.

In 1994, Samuel Lu’s family emigrated to America from China, and his father passed away unexpectedly. His mother held a variety of odd jobs while she raised Samuel, but held out hope to someday open her own nutrition store. In 2000, she did exactly that – opening a store in Flushing, New York that specialized in Chinese herbs and medicine. Samuel grew up in the store helping after school and during the weekends.

Fast forward to 2015: Samuel’s mother had raised a successful and independent business man, who was making six-figures and working in a high-rise in Jersey City. But Samuel, like his mother, was an entrepreneur at his core and walked away from his corporate job to help his mom run the nutrition business. He saw eBay as a great way to introduce their products and services to a customer base around the world. After hitting a few obstacles, he trained himself and his team to become efficient with online listings, marketing and order fulfillment. Within four months, New Green Nutrition became a Top-Rated Seller on eBay. Now, they continue to grow their product offerings and use eBay to reach a global audience that didn't exist for their Flushing, New York based business before.

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