eBay pioneered recommerce, the buying and selling of pre‑⁠owned goods.

Recommerce enables pathways for people to maintain their livelihoods and pursue entrepreneurship; allows products to take on a new life by keeping them out of landfills; and inspires passions and fuels hobbies.

Key Report Findings

eBay’s Recommerce Report surveyed nearly 4,500 people in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Australia.

The 2021 study showed sellers and buyers are embracing recommerce worldwide — with Generation Z driving the demand.

20 percent

of eBay buyers cited the circular economy as their top reason for buying pre-owned

in collectibles were sold on eBay in the first half of 2021 alone

32 percent

of sellers who started in the past year identified as Gen Z — the largest of any generation

34 percent

of sellers named sustainability as a major reason for engaging in recommerce

50 percent

of survey respondents have sold authenticated products on eBay

72 percent

of sellers surveyed believe buying pre-owned has become more common in the past year

Economic and Environmental Benefits

Recommerce can be a potential source of income, with the added benefit of contributing to a healthier planet.

A Look at Who is Buying Pre-Owned Goods

New younger generations of sellers and buyers are embracing recommerce. Led by Gen Z, they are increasing demand for pre-loved products faster than new.

Percentage of global responding sellers in each generation who have purchased pre-owned goods in the past 12 months

Feel Good Purchases

Consumers from around the world are more carefully considering the implications of what they buy, where they buy and who they buy from.

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