eBay Community Gave $36 Million in 2008

Richard Brewer-Hay

I’ve got your stimulus package right here… If you needed any further proof that the community of eBay buyers and sellers goes above and beyond the call of duty you need look no further than the announcement our of eBay earlier this morning. According to the news, eBay sellers and buyers gave a record $36 million to U.S. nonprofit organizations in 2008 through eBay Giving Works. Donations were up almost 20 percent in 2008, with nearly 1.5 million people supporting their favorite causes.

eBay Giving Works

“The eBay community is incredibly generous and committed to making a difference,” said eBay Inc. CEO John Donahoe. “Through eBay Giving Works, their impressive generosity in these difficult times is inspiring.”

Fast Facts about eBay Giving Works
• Every minute, over $68 is raised for good causes on eBay and a donation is made every 24 seconds.
• Eight nonprofits in the US have raised more than $1M with eBay Giving Works
• The most money raised for charity from a single listing on eBay was $2.1M, for a power lunch with Warren Buffett benefiting the Glide Foundation.

“eBay Giving Works is a win-win on so many levels,” said Mike Jansma, a PowerSeller on eBay. “It allows us to easily support the nonprofit groups we believe in, our customers benefit because they help important causes through their purchases, our employees find their work more meaningful, and our business benefits from the sales and customer loyalty.”

If I hear the phrase “current economic climate” one more time… Well, let’s just say we’ve all heard it enough. However, it has to be said that given the drought of disposable income plaguing individual’s wallets right now, it is an incredible testament to humanity to see this kind of charitable effort put forth from the eBay Community.


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