VIDEO interview: Todd Lutwak on Enhancements to new eBay Feedback and Duplicate Listing Policy #ebaynews

Richard Brewer-Hay

VP of seller and buyer experience, Dinesh Lathi has a couple of posts up on the eBay Announcement Board:

1. Enhancements to Feedback & Buyer Protection to Help Sellers
2. New Policy to Improve Search for Buyers and Boost Exposure for Sellers.

There is a third AB post too:
3. New Ways to Shop for DVDs, GPS, and iPod MP3 players Available Now.

It looks like there are a lot of good things coming out of the news but given that we had our third and final seller release of the year back in July (we have articulated on more than one occasion that we are committed to making only 2-3 seller releases a year to help sellers plan their businesses accordingly), I tracked down Todd Lutwak, vp of seller experience, to get his thoughts on the news and what buyers and sellers should be focused on with this particular announcement. First though, I wanted to find out why this isn’t considered the fourth seller release of 2010…

eBay will be answering questions all day today on a special discussion board regarding the news.