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Optimism among Canadian SMB exporters despite economic challenges

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eBay Canada releases data on technology enabling micro-multinationals

TORONTO, Feb. 3, 2016 – eBay Canada releases data showing a silver lining to challenging economic times: the strength of small and medium-businesses (SMBs) who export. This echoes the Bank of Canada’s recent optimism that exporters will benefit from the weak Canadian dollar.

According to eBay’s Small Online Business Growth Report, virtually every Canadian eBay SMB sells internationally (99.8%), compared to only 10.4 per cent of traditional SMBs. (1) Known as micro-multinationals, these eBay sellers export to an average of 20 countries, whereas traditional SMB exporters only reach 2.5 countries. (2)

“The Internet has played a huge part in levelling the playing field for SMBs, enabling them to become thriving micro-multinationals at the click of a mouse,” says Andrea Stairs, Managing Director, eBay Canada. “eBay is an incredibly powerful platform that connects businesses of any size to an active global marketplace of more than 160 million buyers.”

As the global online economy grows, exporting has become increasingly important to the success of Canadian SMBs. Sixty-four per cent of eBay micro-multinationals export to four or more continents, indicating that they truly are reaching a global audience. This is clearly paying off, with eBay micro-multinationals’ sales having grown five times faster than Canada’s GDP. (3)

The success of SMBs is vital to the Canadian economy. These companies generate 25 per cent of the country’s GDP and create 71 per cent of private sector jobs. (4) Further, SMBs that participate in the global economy, in particular, tend to hire more people, offer better salaries and experience greater sales. (5)

Canadian eBay micro-multinationals will continue to positively contribute to the Canadian economy in 2016: A recent poll of Canadian eBay SMBs revealed that more than half (52%) feel the low Canadian dollar will be advantageous for increasing their sales outside of the country. Further, nearly two-thirds (65%) are planning to expand their online offerings this year, and nearly one-third (30%) intend to increase the number of markets to which they sell. (6)

“Exporting helps SMBs grow while being less vulnerable to domestic economic fluctuations,” says Stairs. “The dismal Canadian dollar has made our domestic products very attractive internationally, and our eBay micro-multinationals are seizing this advantage.”

To learn more, click here to download an infographic of key Canadian findings.

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