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Sorry Posh, Sporty’s our style queen while Ginger is who we ‘wannabe’

Press Release shows we still live in Spiceworld twenty years on

Twenty years on from the Spiceworld album, has revealed that while Sporty has left the largest style legacy, it is Geri who still holds the biggest buying power - outselling her band-mates by far.  


When it comes to style, there’ve been more than 40,000 searches for Sporty’s trademark tracksuit in the past three months and 1,500 searches for scrunchies as people try to emulate Mel C’s 90’s inspired ponytail.[1] Baby Spice comes in second with nearly 20,000 platform boots sold on site, beating Posh Spice’s classic ‘LBD’ into third place with two items sold per hour in the last three months and Geri’s Union Jack dress at 19 items  per day coming in last.


With nearly 10,000 live listings for ‘Spice Girls’ on site, the online marketplace has found that Ginger Spice, aka Geri Horner (Halliwell) has the biggest buying power. With more than 1,500 current listings for ‘Ginger Spice’ on site[2] including calendars and fancy dress, the online marketplace has seen nearly 2,000 related items sold in the last three months – that’s one every hour![3] Zig-a-zig-ah-ing into second place is ‘Baby Spice’, who has seen nearly 23 items sold per day in the last three months – including everything from retro backpacks to novelty bobble heads.


In third place sees the ‘little black dress’ lover ‘Posh Spice’, who has seen nearly 20 items sold per day in the last three months, including fancy dress wigs and phone cases. Trailing behind in fourth place is ‘Scary Spice’ with eight items sold per day – double the amount seen by ‘Sporty Spice’ kicking back in last place, selling four in the same time period.


So when it comes to Spice fever, it’s clear that eBay’s the place it will Viva Forever as the one stop shop for all things Girl Power this November.’s Spice Ranking


  1. Ginger Spice
  2. Baby Spice
  3. Posh Spice
  4. Scary Spice
  5. Sporty Spice



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