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Responsible Business

We are creating a trusted, transparent marketplace, founded on the most powerful selling platform and supported by our diverse community of employees, buyers, and sellers.

Diversity and Inclusion

eBay harnesses technology to level the playing field by creating a global marketplace that is innovative and inclusive.

“Diversity is a key part of eBay’s culture and values — part of the heritage here and a central principle of eBay’s global marketplace and community,” says Damien Hooper-Campbell, our Chief Diversity Officer.

Fostering an inclusive culture, with equal opportunity for all, is critical to the success of our business. We firmly believe that diversity in the workplace increases innovation and better allows us to connect with eBay’s hundreds of millions of merchants and customers around the world. We’ve committed to annually publishing our global gender diversity and U.S. ethnic diversity workforce data. Here is our latest report. With the separation of PayPal from eBay, we anticipate our next update will be published in 2017.

We also believe that fair and equal pay is a critical piece of diversity and inclusion. In the Fall of 2016, we released the results of our first gender pay equity study. Our results were encouraging on a global basis and we learned that women earn nearly the same salary as men.

In 2017, for the ninth year in a row, eBay was awarded a 100 percent ranking on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index (CEI), a US-based report on corporate policies and practices related to workplace equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people. This recognition reflects  our progressive equal opportunity employment policy and forward-thinking benefits practices for same-sex couples and transgender employees, as well as our external advocacy, philanthropic, and recruiting efforts.

Ethics and Compliance

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics provides guidance on how we should conduct our business for the benefit of ourselves, our colleagues, our Company, our customers, our suppliers, and our stockholders.

The Business Ethics and Compliance team champions eBay’s Code of Business Conduct, which outlines our values and expectations for employees, including the legal requirements we must meet. In addition to setting policies for the company, the Business Ethics and Compliance team also conducts formal company-wide trainings, including the annual Code of Business Conduct training required of all employees. A global network of Business Ethics Officers is also available to provide guidance on eBay’s compliance and ethics requirements, and if employees prefer, they can submit their questions or concerns anonymously through eBay Inc.’s 24-hour Integrity helpline or via email to

Supplier Conduct

We’re committed to conducting our business with the highest ethical standards and expect nothing less from our partners around the world. Our Supplier Code of Business Conduct and Ethics outlines the requirements and guidelines we set forth for all suppliers and vendors to ensure they reflect our values and operate responsibly.

The Code not only makes clear our requirements around business integrity and ethics, but also our expectations relating to environmental responsibility and human rights. These are the same standards to which we hold ourselves and as we continue to grow around the world, it’s important to us that all our suppliers, vendors, and partners do the same.

Download the Supplier Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

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