Danna Golden

Saddle Up | Longmont, Colorado
Saddle Up, a Western saddle and tack shop in Colorado, started as a brick and mortar business in 1996 and now successfully sells online.

Ernesto Foglia

Stilus Aurea | Paris, France
Based in France, Ernesto with his luxury collectible pen company is one of eBay’s millionaire success stories.

Schad L VanLeeuwen

Speed Addicts | Mission Hills, California
Schad VanLeeuwen started running his own company, Speed Addicts, out of his freshman dorm room in Santa Barbara, CA. Today, Speed Addicts boasts multiple offices, retail space in Los Angeles, and nearly 100,000 positive customer reviews.

Jalmar Araujo

Flexibrace | Boston, Massachusetts
Through his business, Flexibrace, Jalmar Araujo imports an array of support wear products and sells them to eBay buyers around the world.

Colleen Rast

Great Sky Gifts | Kalispell, Montana
Colleen Rast began buying and selling items on eBay as a hobby, which grew quickly into a small business specializing in selling new premium brand apparel, antiques, collectibles, replacement dishware, locally-made gifts and gourmet foods.

Scott Rowbotham

HPTAutoSport | Arden, North Carolina
With a passion and deep expertise in auto repair, Scott has built a growing online counterpart to his retail store to meet needs of customers across the country.

Gina Foster

Pockets | Sulphur, Oklahoma
Gina Foster made her daughter a bed sheet that would not pop off the mattress at camp -- and pretty soon, everyone wanted one. That's when Mattress Pocket® ("the sheet that won't pop off") was born. After selling at small shows and fairs, Gina turned to eBay, growing her business globally and bringing economic opportunity to her small Oklahoma town.