Frank Burguera

California Motorcycles | Valencia, Spain
Frank Burguera is the owner of California Motorcycles, a Valencian store specialized in Harley-Davidson accessories and spare parts on eBay.

John & Denise Davis

Sarge & Red's Gaming & Vintage Toys | Utica, Michigan
A Marine Corps veteran and his wife share vintage toys and collectibles with nostalgic shoppers worldwide.

Dale Majors

Bikewagon | South Woods Cross, Utah
Dale Majors began as an eBay entrepreneur in high school, shopping for sporting goods at a local salvage freight store and selling his finds online.

Michael Smith & Meghan Mooney

Get Lowered Cycles | Warminster, Pennsylvania
Michael Smith started Get Lowered Cycles out of his garage while in high school. Fueled by a shared love for motorcycles, Michael and Meghan continue to pursue their passion by operating a successful motorcycle parts, accessories, and apparel store full-time.

Cyrille Nicolas

SPO Moto Scooter | Rhône-Alpes, France
Based in France, Cyrille Nicolas has made a thriving business selling spare motorcycle parts and accessories.

David DiBartolomeo

Select Tech Sales Corp | Williamstown, New Jersey
To support his growing family, David built an online business selling tech supplies and accessories. And by partnering with eBay for Charity, he is able to support charities near and dear to his heart.

Olivier Dierckx

GPA Recycleur d'automobiles | Rhône-Alpes, France
Olivier Dierckx launched his company's used car parts and accessories business on eBay.