eBay to Launch AdCommerce program for Sellers

Richard Brewer-Hay

Advertising on eBay has come a long way since the first AOL deal 9 years ago. To prove it, later this Fall, eBay will roll out a Beta program for sellers in Germany and the US that will give them another way to increase visibility in the online marketplace. eBay AdCommerce is the latest advertisting optimization tool from VP Matt Ackley’s Internet Marketing team and will allow sellers to take advantage of the 4 billion keywords in eBay’s database.

AdCommerceBeta program participants will be able to pay for search terms and get ads placed directly into existing ad space that is currently served up by Google and Yahoo!*. Essentially, the AdCommerce program will act as another way for good sellers to raise visibility on eBay.

“We wanted to build something dynamically based that actually gives sellers a new tool that will immediately show them positive results,” said Matt Ackley, VP Internet Marketing. “This will represent a much more action-oriented form of advertising for our sellers than straight-up CPM models.”

Madison Ave Results
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From Caroline Malifoud’s AB post today:
How eBay AdCommerce will work
Let’s say you want your ad to appear when buyers search for “computer.” You would need to decide how much you’re willing to pay each time a buyer would click your ad after running a search for “computer.”

If you’re one of the highest bidders for that keyword, your ad – which can include a title, a short description, plus an optional image – will appear. You can create a campaign for that keyword and set a budget for that campaign.

Your eBay AdCommerce ads will show up near the bottom of the page when a buyer searches for a particular keyword or is browsing in a particular category. Depending on the keyword and the buyer’s purchasing history we will either display eBay AdCommerce, Shopping.com or Yahoo! Ads.

With AdCommerce, there is no up-front fee, and no minimum payment or deposit. Sellers pay only when a buyer clicks your ad and goes to your listing or eBay Store.

For more information, check out the AdCommerce information page.


*This post has been updated to reflect that the ad space is currently served up by Yahoo! and Google, but not MSN as originally stated in the post.