Microsoft Opens New Store on eBay

eBay Inc. Staff


Just in time for the holiday season, Microsoft has opened an eBay store!

Starting November 4, the shop is open for business and you can start checking off your holiday gift list. The Microsoft Store on eBay will sell Microsoft first-party products, as well as curated products appealing to the eBay community, resulting in a unique shopping experience entirely different from shopping in a brick and mortar store. Best of all, you can expect the same level of customer surface that you’d find at, with the added benefit of eBay’s safe and secure marketplace. The Microsoft Store on eBay offers the same return policy as and accepts PayPal and major credit cards via the PayPal system.

What could be better? Start perusing (and purchasing!) today. Click here to check out the new store.

(This post was originally published at eBay’s Daily Digest electronics blog.)