PayPal Teams With Transportation Startup Uber

eBay Inc. Staff


Today, we are very pleased to announce that Uber is the first developer to integrate PayPal's new mobile SDK. The new mobile SDK enables developers to make the payments experience seamless for their customers by eliminating redirects and not asking them to log in every time they want to make a payment with PayPal. The new mobile SDK is easier than ever to integrate and will be generally available to the rest of our developer community in early 2014.

Enabling frictionless payment experiences is key for all of our new products, and innovation driven companies are taking notice. Companies focused on delighting their customers want to take advantage of the new PayPal capabilities, especially in mobile commerce. Uber is one of these companies. Starting today, Uber riders in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United States will have the flexibility to pay for their ride with PayPal.

It’s a natural fit. We’re transforming the way people pay for services and Uber is transforming the way people move around their cities. More than just a flexible payment option for Uber riders, those paying with PayPal will also benefit from the security that PayPal provides.

To learn more, keep reading at the PayPal Forward Blog.


Photo courtesy of Uber