eBay’s Simplified Selling with a Charitable Twist

Sebastian Rupley, eBay News Team

A new seller flow makes it extremely easy to incorporate charitable donations with eBay transactions.

eBay for Charity, a platform that enables members of the eBay community to donate and sell for the causes they care about has helped raise more than $650 million dollars since its founding in 2003.eBay updated its simplified selling tool in late February to now include a seamless way for sellers to add charitable donations to their listings. Among other benefits it brings to sellers, the new functionality can help boost sales.

eBay has continued to stay focused on improving the selling experience for users.  The simplified selling tool, which launched in 2013, leverages structured data to pre-populate areas such as title and description, while also providing guidance on price, format, and shipping.


This past week, further enhancements were made to the tool, which now allows our sellers to easily sell on behalf of their favorite charities – and donate anywhere from 10 to 100 percent of a final sales price. By adding this feature, we hope to further advance eBay’s commitment to charitable giving, while also helping eBay sellers by enabling higher average selling prices and improved seller conversion rates through the charity feature.

At eBay, we continually listen to our community; the launch of this feature is a direct response to all the sellers who have asked for the ability to donate a portion of their proceeds to causes and charities they care about. In 2015 alone, over 34,000 mobile sellers sold something to benefit a charity of their choice, contributing to the over $92,000,000 in funds raised last year. Implementing the charity module in our simple selling tool has been a true partnership between multiple passionate teams at eBay, and just in time for Oprah’s big charitable event by allowing all users the ability to follow in Oprah’s footsteps, clean out their own closets and sell for their favorite charities.

For more information on eBay for Charity, visit: http://charity.ebay.com/

And, don’t forget to please add your own favorite charity.