The Future of Ecommerce: eBay at Shoptalk 2018

Kristen Natividad, eBay News Team

At the world’s largest conference for retail and ecommerce, eBay spotlighted its latest innovations in conversational commerce, AI and brand partnerships.

This week at Shoptalk, thought leaders across retail and ecommerce came together in Las Vegas to discuss how consumers discover, shop and buy in today’s world of constant digital transformation.

Scott Cutler, SVP Americas, and Jan Pedersen, Chief Scientist of AI, led a discussion into how AI is changing the way we shop and sell. Scott also dives deeper into how eBay’s AI technology is making shopping more personal in his latest blog post.

Earlier in the week, eBay leaders lent their perspectives on topics ranging from chatbots to personalization. Japjit Tulsi, VP Engineering, shared some of the ways Shopbot and Google Home Assistant are helping eBay build better relationships with customers. Bob Kupbens, VP, Seller Marketplace and Global Standards, discussed how some of our newest developments can help brands to stand out and thrive on the eBay platform. And Tom Pinckney, VP, Buyer Experience Applied Research, revealed how our work in AI is helping to personalize ecommerce.

Fang Fang, Software Engineer, led Shoptalk attendees through a six-minute lesson and demo on Image Search. And in The Girls’ Lounge, Michal Langer, Director, Product Management, offered her perspectives on the future of AI-powered commerce and how innovations in this space can increase brand loyalty among female consumers.


Throughout the week, visitors to the eBay booth had the chance to interact with featured inventory from categories like Fashion, Music and Home & Garden, getting a hands-on experience, using Image Search to shop on eBay, while embracing the back to school theme through pop-quizzes to test their knowledge about the eBay marketplace.

Shoptalk was attended by approximately 8,000 retail and ecommerce professionals this year.

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