Unwrapping eBay Holiday Shopping Habits

Josh Wetzel, Senior Director of Sales & Marketing, eBay Advertising

An inside look at what our shoppers are doing this holiday season.

As the 2016 holiday shopping season kicked off, the eBay Advertising team took a detailed look at the evolving shopper journey for the millions of consumers that are visiting, researching and shopping for gifts on eBay during the holidays. eBay users visit the marketplace with a buyers’ mindset that brings together passion and intent, and unlike other online shopping destinations, eBay users spend more time both in app and on the desktop site. Consumers are making purchase decisions on our marketplace more quickly now than throughout the rest of the year and inform their spending with mobile tools. In fact, we found that beauty products and tech gadgets sold at notable velocities between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. (moved up from below)

eBay has curated more than 60 classic personas reflecting like-minded shoppers. On eBay, we see shoppers from soccer moms to fitness fanatics, from jet-setters to metropolitan millennials, and more. Here’s a look at their shopping habits.

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