25 Years of Inspiration, 25 Custom Kicks

For 25 years, sneakerheads have copped and dropped the dopest kicks on eBay, building a community and making it their own. To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’ve teamed up with Vashtie Kola, Aleali May and top customizers, Cestlavic, DeJesus, Kickstradomis, Mache, and Sierato, to create 25 pairs of bespoke sneakers inspired by the last 25 years of pop culture.

#25Kicks Ambassadors

Vashtie Kola

Vashtie Kola (Va$htie), the first woman to design a pair of Jordans, is a creative force with serious cred in the sneaker game. A filmmaker, artist, designer, and DJ, she pushes boundaries in footwear and beyond. As part of #25Kicks, she partnered with Aleali and Kickstradomis to create the eBay 25th Anniversary shoe.

Aleali May

A style luminary, Aleali May holds sway in celebrity and internet circles alike and was the first woman to collaborate on the design of a unisex Jordan. Beyond fashion, she has evolved into an acclaimed creator and customizer, and partnered with Vashtie and Kickstradomis to create the eBay 25th Anniversary shoe.


What happens when a lifelong love of art and a passion for sneakers collide? Kickstradomis emerges. One of the most respected customizers in the game, the LA-born artist’s sought-after designs have graced the feet of sneakerheads and celebrities alike, on the runway, NBA courts, and on streets across the globe. Partnering with Vashtie and Aleali, he handcrafted the eBay 25th Anniversary shoe.

#25Kicks Collection

With some of the most iconic shoes from eBay’s history as their canvases, our customizers took inspiration from the biggest sneaker, fashion, and pop culture trends from the past 25 years.

To celebrate and support the makers of this collection, all proceeds of the auctions will go back to the artists. eBay is proud of our role in helping evolve sneaker culture, and we look forward to the next 25 years of serving sneakerhheads around the globe. Shop the collection.


Chicago’s DEJESUS has been making the sneaker community’s heads turn—well, look down, at least—for more than a decade. A passionate and versatile artist, his work filters wide-ranging inspiration through his distinct lens to make a big impression.


In the late 1990s, streetwear and hip-hop fashion went big, east to west, and the Reebok Questions were its sneakerhead manifestation. This bespoke pair by DeJesus celebrates the game that, “The Answer,” brought and the colorful Coogis on our favorite rappers.

’01-’05 - RAVE | NIKE AIR FORCE 1:

While the Nike Air Force 1 is a timeless sneakerhead fave, as an homage to raver culture this custom pair by DeJesus remains firmly rooted in the early 2000s with its colorful, melty motif.

’06-’10 - HARAJUKU | NEW BALANCE 574:

Over the past 25 years, fashion went global, though its biggest trends still have local roots—this pair of custom New Balance 574s by DeJesus takes its inspiration from the Tokyo-born Harajuku look.


By the mid-2010s, culture had firmly become nebulous, with mashups and fusion opening up a world of possibilities; ombre epitomized that blend, and so, too, do these custom Old Skool Vans by DeJesus.


Ironically, the not-so-long-ago camo craze used a pattern designed for anonymity to help wearers stand out—these camo-inspired Yeezy Boost 350s by DeJesus do just that.


LA’s KICKSTRADOMIS has a well-earned reputation for pushing the envelope of kick customization. Sneakerheads, athletes, fashion icons, and celebrities alike rock his creations across the country and around the world.


In 1996, Reebok posed a question to the sneakerhead community—“are you ready for something entirely new?” We all know the answer. Kickstradomis created these as an homage to the era of grunge culture that brought an entirely new style of music and rockstar with it.

’01-’05 - RAVE | NIKE AIR FORCE 1:

Back in the early 2000s, neon, glowsticks, and giant jeans popped up in disused warehouses everywhere. These bespoke Nike Air Force 1s by Kickstradomis nod to the rave era, albeit with a sneakerhead twist.

’06-’10 - EMO | NEW BALANCE 574:

In the mid-aughts, backpacks with pins and elaborate, punk-indebted albums about romances gone awry took over many a mall-kid’s discman. Kickstradomis paired that inspiration with the legendary New Balance 574s.


It seems like just yesterday when influencers and reality-show stars everywhere embraced the subtle gradient change known as ombre. Kickstradomis has applied that look to timeless Old Skool Vans that like ombre, can be worn across a spectrum of styles.

2020 eBay 25th Anniversary | NIKE AIR FORCE 1:

For 25 years, eBay has been a hub for sneakerhead culture worldwide. This collaboration between Kickstradomis, Vashtie, and Aleali, pairs the iconic Nike Air Force 1 with eBay’s colorful palette in a design that celebrates the past and is ready to hit the streets.

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P.J. Tucker x eBay

For 25 years eBay has been hooking up sneakerheads, including one of best in the game, NBA center, P.J. Tucker. He invited us to Houston to tour his collection and share his eBay favorites.