eBay Baseball Card Hall of Fame

eBay announces the inaugural Baseball Card Hall of Fame class and pays homage to what is viewed by many as America’s second-favorite pastime, baseball card collecting. The 2019 class represents 10 legends and 5 hopefuls whose trading cards have held the highest value and had the greatest influence on the baseball cards and collectibles world. Inductees were selected based on more than a decade’s worth of proprietary sales and search data, and represent every era of the last century of baseball—from Babe Ruth to Pete Rose, and beyond.

Meet the Inaugural Class

Meet the Hopefuls

The Five Hopefuls

Derek Jeter, Mike Trout, Aaron Judge, Bryce Harper, Albert Pujols

In addition to the inductees, eBay identified 5 hopefuls whose baseball cards, and performance on and off the field, rival that of the inaugural class.

The Postseason Prince
Derek Jeter

Famously part of the New York Yankees “core four” alongside Mariano Rivera with whom he played 17 consecutive seasons, trading card sales on eBay soared more than 68%, after Jeter announced the end of his professional baseball career in 2014. Despite his ‘Hopeful’ status, Jeter’s baseball card sales on eBay are currently outpacing those of former Yankee and legendary Hall of Famer Babe Ruth by 137% since 2013. Shop Derek Jeter.

The Looming Legend
Mike Trout

Debatably one of the strongest players in the current MLB roster, Trout shows up just as hard on eBay as he does on the field. The six-time Silver Slugger has the second most expensive card ever sold on eBay at $400,000, quickly catching up to legend and current most-expensive card holder Mickey Mantle. From 2017 to 2018, Mike Trout trading card searches more than doubled on eBay. Shop Mike Trout.

The Riser
Aaron Judge

Judge hit a home run during his very first at bat appearance for the Yankees. After being named 2017 Rookie of the Year, Aaron Judge trading card sales on eBay increased by an unprecedented 2,808%. During the same season, Judge became the first rookie to win the Home Run Derby, and following his historic victory, searches for his trading cards soared by more than 90% from the prior month. Shop Aaron Judge.

The Powerhouse
Bryce Harper

In 2013, Bryce Harper beat the record for most home runs by a player younger than 21. Just six years later, he is showing no signs of slowing down - especially on eBay, as searches for Bryce Harper cards spiked following his trade to the Phillies in March 2019, up 156% from the month prior. Bryce Harper card searches this year are now on track to outpace last year’s by 140%. Shop Bryce Harper.

The First-Ballot Bat
Albert Pujols

The designated hitter for the Los Angeles Angels is the most recent of only four people ever to hit 3,000 times with 600 home runs. Pujols consistently brings his heavy hitting power to eBay, averaging more than 30 trading card sales per day. Over the last six years, the number of Albert Pujols trading cards sold is about as consistent as his at bat performances. Shop Albert Pujols.

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