Our Mission

We help visionary entrepreneurs build lasting, impactful companies to transform the online economy.

Some of Our Focus Areas


Recommerce: The circular economy is driving new, verticalized experiences to extend the lives of pre-loved items

Enthusiast Platforms: Digital communities are forming in order to bridge content-to-commerce

Ecommerce Enablers

Buyer Experience: Marketplaces and brands are creating meaningful connections through full-funnel engagement

Seller Tools: Bolt-on tools are simplifying the listing process and enhancing sales conversion

Marketplace Fundamentals: Evolving customer expectations are putting trust at the forefront of innovation

Future of Commerce

Web3: NFTs are enabling new opportunities for creators to engage and directly connect with their communities

Artificial Intelligence: AI is transforming commerce experiences from discovery to purchase

Our Team

Our Advisors

Beatriz Reyero

eBay Global VP of Corporate Strategy, Investments, Partnerships, Incubation

Stefanie Jay

eBay Chief Business & Strategy Officer

Jordan Sweetnam

eBay SVP, Global Markets

Mazen Rawashdeh

eBay Chief Technology Officer

Eddie Garcia

eBay Chief Product Officer

Marie Oh Huber

eBay Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel & Secretary

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