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Swapping a biology degree for a passion in eyewear, solopreneur Dov grew his global business in just 5 years selling frames to more than 100 countries.

Swapping a biology degree for a passion in eyewear, solopreneur Dov grew his global business in just 5 years selling frames to more than 100 countries.

Dov began his eBay journey in 2014 to help finance his degree in biology with hopes of later becoming a physician. Having always been fascinated by eyewear and the significant difference they could make in a person’s life, he began selling frames and sunglasses part-time. Following graduation, Dov went all in and made his eBay business a full-time career. Dov has now expanded his product offering from 12 pairs of eyeglasses to more than 3,000 and sells internationally to over 100 countries.

Q: Where does the inspiration for your business come from?
A: Many entrepreneurs, like myself, fall in love with how a product fills a need within an industry, rather than the product itself. For me, I love providing high quality and reasonably priced eyewear to consumers. My core inspiration is knowing that my business is at service to people, whatever their budget, who are looking for unique designer pair of eyeglasses and/or sunglasses.

Q: What was the ‘a-ha’ moment when you realized you could make a decent business on eBay?
A: Most of my years as a dedicated seller on eBay have been while simultaneously attending a rigorous pre-med program. The idea of starting a business while being in college seemed impossible until eBay and its community came along and showed me otherwise.

eBay supplied me with the opportunity of pursuing an entrepreneurial dream and the flexibility to keep up with my academic requirements. I was able to attend classes and also provide high quality eyewear that had previously been economically unavailable to those in my community and around the globe. Seeing the success in my business play out in such a way fueled my motivation to grow it to its fullest potential.

Q: How has selling on eBay impacted your life?
A: eBay has always provided its sellers with the necessary tools for achieving independence in the ecommerce world. These tools have allowed me to offer unique and high quality eyeglasses or sunglasses for purchase to people with any budget, and have taught me that with dedication and patience, there are no boundaries to what I can achieve. eBay allows me to set my own goals, rather than it being set for me.

Q: What is your proudest business moment on eBay?
A: While it may have taken longer than just a moment, my transition from selling on eBay as a successful hobby, to making it my full-time work, is what makes me smile and is what I am most proud of. Upon graduating from college, I was able to devote twice the time and energy to maximize my potential on eBay’s platform. Year-end results exceeded my expectations I had hoped for my business — with both customer and supplier relations. The journey since has been tremendous.

Q: How has the ability to sell globally impacted your business?
A: Given that eyewear is shipped in considerable small packaging, it was my intention to use this to my advantage when selling to the global eBay community. Having incredible tools to promote my products internationally and being able to open my shipping options to a whole world of buyers is the reason for a third of my customers. Even from across the globe, I am able to think through my customers’ perspective from the start of a sale until the item sits on my customers’ face and have since learned that eBay knows no geographical limits.

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself/your business?
A: The initial investment in inventory for my business consisted of no more than a dozen pair of eyeglasses, which I stocked in my bedroom drawer. I find that both amusing and humbling, and see it as a true testament that “big things often have small beginnings.”

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