5 Minutes with... Roberto Garcia

Richard Brewer-Hay

I started this feature a few weeks ago and I love how honest and open folks are being with it. I want to really get as many employees as possible – regardless of department or geography. Today, I’m sharing 5 Minutes with… Roberto “Bobby” Garcia. Bobby works in the eBay Cafe and my wife knows when I’m “being good” if I say I’ve seen Bobby because during the lunch hour he works the cash register in the salad bar line. If I don’t see Bobby, it usually means I’m having the “daily starch” and burger from the grill. Today I had salad, which is good for me and also good for you because I get to introduce you to Bobby Garcia.

Bobby Garcia, eBay Cafe

Full Name: Roberto Garcia
Nickname: Bobby
Official Title: Cafe Supervisor
What You Really Do: Customer Service and “front of house” operations
Your First Day at eBay: November, 2005
Education/Schooling: 2 years of college
Interests: Movies, family and soccer
Favorite Quote: “Live. Love. Laugh.”
Most memorable eBay experience: The first time I ever worked Bring Your Kids to Work day. It was very busy but very fun.
Most recent eBay purchase/sale: A pair of shoes
Favorite Albums: Anything by Luis Miguel
Favorite Movies: Scent of a Woman with Al Pacino
What You Wanted to Be Growing Up: Lawyer

Fill in the blanks:
I should have gone to the movies yesterday.
I wish that I could be a novelist.
The first thing I do when I get to work is get some coffee.

Pretty cool that his favorite eBay experience was bring your kids to work day. I missed the last one because I was traveling for work. Next Friday is the next one and I plan on bringing my eldest, Addison, with me. Should make for some fun blogging and tweeting.

Have a great weekend everyone!