Backstage with Chromeo at RedLaser's SXSW Kick-off party

Richard Brewer-Hay

I’ve been in Austin for 6 days now meeting with partners, colleagues, peers, mentors, customers and all-around great people. The information overload is high to be sure. I’ve attended press conferences, parties, meetings, presentations and demos every day since I got here and I’m in the process of compiling everything I’ve learned into some blog posts to share with you all.

First up, however, I wanted to share some images and cool insights into one of my favorite bands at the moment – Chromeo. They headlined the RedLaser party on Sunday night at SXSW and before they took the stage, the eBay Mobile team and I joined the band backstage to talk music, eBay and feedback scores.

It turns out that they’re big fans of eBay too. Patrick Gemayel (aka P-Thugg) is the man behind their eBay account and according to him he has a feedback score of 247 at 100% positive. What’s even more impressive is that he revealed to us that every piece of equipment in their recording studio was purchased on eBay. Essentially, two of my favorite albums were recorded – thanks in some small part – to my employer. Pretty neat.

They took the stage in style and rocked the night away for all in attendance. I managed to get a front row spot to snap this pic during their opening song…

I’m in the process of uploading lots of other images from the night and will share on flickr shortly.