Before You Take a Seat, Take a Stand

StubHub News Team

StubHub launches Concourse, a new website that will serve as the digital home of StubHub’s public policy positions.

This week StubHub and the eBay Government Relations team launched a new website called StubHub Concourse.  Employing the motto “Before you take a seat, take a stand”, the StubHub Concourse website will serve as the digital home of StubHub’s public policy positions and bring together a community of like-minded fans - a community dedicated to protecting the rights of sports fans and music lovers to enjoy the best, most convenient and hassle-free event and ticket experience possible. 

StubHub believes that fans who purchase tickets to entertainment and sporting events should benefit from the freedom to resell or give those tickets away without barriers or restrictions. A free and open ticket market provides fans greater access to the events they want to attend and the ability to purchase those tickets at a fair and competitive price at any time.

“Our goal is simple,” says Tod Cohen, General Counsel for StubHub. “We want StubHub Concourse to be the place where fans learn the latest news and developments on their favorite team, artist or venue’s ticket practices.”

Unfortunately, too many ticket policies and practices may infringe on consumers’ rights. The StubHub Concourse website is a place where all fans can learn about the policies and practices that affect them, such as:

  • Outdated 20th Century Anti-Scalping Laws
  • Fighting BOTS
  • Holdbacks & Ticket Distribution Schemes
  • Ticket Delivery Delays
  • Non-Transferable Ticketing
  • Ticket Cancellations

Says Tekedra Mawakana, VP of Government Relations for eBay, “We’re excited to begin the process of building an active community of fans who weigh in on issues and help us have a positive influence on the policy makers who control and create tickets-related public policy.”

We encourage you to check out the StubHub Concourse website, explore the issues faced by fans, and “join the crowd” making a positive difference for fans and StubHub.