Boosting Seller Sales With Promoted Listings Advanced

Alex Kazim, VP of Global Advertising and General Manager

For sellers who use third-party platforms to help run their business, we’ve partnered with leading ecommerce software providers in North America, Europe and China to help create more access for Promoted Listings Advanced.

For us, success happens together. Our goal is to create holistic advertising solutions for individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to boost their sales and grow their brand on eBay. 

Earlier this summer, I shared a preview with sellers and developers during our annual eBay conferences about an upcoming addition to our advertising portfolio, Promoted Listings Advanced BETA. This new campaign is an exciting complement to Promoted Listings Standard, historically referred to as Promoted Listings, which has seen great success over the past several years, with sellers who have adopted it seeing an average of double-digit sales increases.

From our data, we know that search plays a critical role in making a sale happen on our marketplace. Our analysis shows that the majority of eBay purchases, approximately 70 percent, start from search. Moreover, one in five eBay purchases start with a listing that appeared at the top of our search results page. 

Currently in beta, Promoted Listings Advanced BETA is the next step in developing a universal suite of advertising solutions for sellers seeking more preferred access and control in search rankings and budget planning. 

As we look ahead to debuting Promoted Listings Advanced BETA to eligible sellers later this year, I’m excited to share today this important product update for sellers who use third-party software platforms to help run their business.

We’ve partnered with leading software providers for online businesses in the U.S., Europe and China to make Promoted Listings Advanced BETA more widely available for sellers via APIs, or application programming interfaces. These partnerships include: Ad-Lister, Cloud Seller Pro, ChannelAdvisor, Frooition, Pacvue, Push Auction, SoldEazy, Teikametrics and TongTool. 

With these new collaborations, Promoted Listings Advanced BETA will become more accessible for sellers who use these platforms every day. In the coming months, we’ll work with additional partners to integrate this product into their software.

How Promoted Listings Advanced Works

Promoted Listings Advanced BETA uses a cost-per-click model, a standard model used by other marketplaces, ecommerce platforms and digital publishers. In this model, sellers will pay a small fee each time an eBay shopper clicks on a promoted listing. 

With our sellers’ feedback in mind, we’ve also added more access around keyword control and budget planning for Promoted Listings Advanced BETA. Here’s how this new campaign works.

Keyword Control
Sellers can use our suggested keywords (search terms that we have determined to be relevant and likely to perform on eBay) or select their own. This keyword control gives sellers the ability to target their listings, reaching shoppers while they are actively searching for products the seller has listed (or ones just like them). 

Using an auction format, sellers will determine how much each click is worth to them. From there, they can bid on a keyword to “win” the auction, which is run every time a user does a search. 

Budget Planning
Promoted Listings Advanced BETA has a daily budget feature with which the seller controls how much they want to spend on a campaign per day. This level of control helps sellers manage their advertising investment and overall margins. Once a campaign hits its daily budget, charges are paused until the next day when the budget resets.

Both campaign types, Promoted Listings Standard and Promoted Listings Advanced BETA, help eBay sellers’ items stand out among billions of listings across the eBay marketplace and be seen by millions of active buyers when they’re browsing and searching, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

We recommend, when possible, sellers use both campaign types to test and learn. Using them together provides maximum reach and maximum visibility. And because of the different fee models, sellers can manage risk — thanks to Promoted Listings Standard cost-per-sale model — with the predictability of a daily budget and control keyword targeting.

Our team is excited about the momentum around our advertising portfolio to help our sellers grow and thrive on our marketplace. We’re looking forward to launching Promoted Listings Advanced BETA later this year for all eligible sellers in service of our founding purpose to create economic opportunity for all.