Celebrating eBay Entrepreneurs in Canada and Mexico

eBay News Team

eBay recognized outstanding sellers in their regions for their entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.

Entrepreneurs are at the heart of our business. Starting, maintaining and growing a business is no easy task, and eBay recognizes the work that sellers put in. 

In Canada, eBay recognized sellers for the 15th annual Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. And in Mexico, the inaugural celebration was a chance to recognize entrepreneurs in the country who leveraged the eBay marketplace platform to reach new customers around the globe. 

“As an enabler of and champion for small businesses, we’re proud to be celebrating and supporting the very best in Canadian and Mexican entrepreneurialism on eBay,” said Andrea Stairs, general manager of eBay Canada and Latin America. “Every day, we see businesses using eBay to diversify and expand into new markets, grow sales and contribute to their local economies – the award selection process is always difficult and this year was no exception!”

In Mexico, three sellers were celebrated:

From left to right, Mexico sellers Guillermo González and Isabel González, who won the Mexican pride Entrepreneurs of the Year award;  Marthangela Di Ciero, who won the Omni-Channel Entrepreneur of the Year award; and Alejandro Monroy, who won the Entrepreneur of the Year award.

In Canada, eBay also celebrated three sellers:

resized 2019 10 14 15.33.126Canadian seller Jessica Oman with her husband and business partner, Johann, from Vancouver, B.C., who won Micro-Multinational Entrepreneur of the Year.

Canadian seller Nan Xu from Woodbridge, Ontario, who won the Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Canadian seller Simon Duguay from Saguenay, Quebec, who won the Integrated Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Winners in both countries received a cash prize and a one-year eBay Store subscription upgrade to expand their inventory efforts. In the next several months, eBay Canada will celebrate its three winners at a ceremony in the nation’s capital city that highlights eBay as an enabler of Canadian small businesses. Alongside the winners will be key senior members of the Canadian government, external stakeholders and local business/political media.

Learn more about the entrepreneurs about eBay’s Canadian sellers, Mexican sellers and the rest of the entrepreneurs we empower.