CEO Devin Wenig Addresses Customers at eBay’s Seller Summit

eBay News Team

Watch the webcast replay and hear about our $14 trillion opportunity.

“With the online and offline world together, there is a $14 trillion opportunity in front of us” said eBay CEO Devin Wenig in his keynote address at the 2015 Seller Summit event. “Winning at this stage is important to you, and important to us.”

More than 1,000 sellers converged in San Jose, Calif., for the two-day gathering, which features opportunities for them to connect, learn and network. “We don’t want to do all things for all people,” Devin said. “We are focused. We want to be the best for the sellers and buyers in our community. And when it comes to sellers, we are laser focused on small- and medium-sized businesses.”

As we mark our 20th year in business, Devin’s address focused on how the company continues to create opportunities for sellers everywhere.  He noted that if we were a retail brand, we would be among the top 10 retailers in the world.

In discussing important technology trends, he pointed to The Age of Everywhere. “The Internet is starting to come to you, rather than you coming to the Internet,” he said. He added that many more types of connected screens would arrive in the coming years.

Devin announced a new product called Seller Hub, which includes a suite of information and tools that can help all sellers. The Seller Hub includes information on how categories of products are performing on eBay, offers suggestions on pricing and much more. The new offering is also designed to help sellers better manage inventory.

In addition to Seller Hub, Devin said that new mobile apps are targeted to offer a more unified mobile experience. And, he announced a new, united and flexible returns process designed to take complexity and cost out of the process.

Devin also remarked that in the second quarter of this year we at an important milestone, as more than half of user interactions on our platform came from mobile devices.

Several other leaders are at the Seller Summit giving presentations and running educational sessions. The Seller Summit sessions on Thursday and Friday both feature end-of-day celebrations, in addition to many networking opportunities.

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