eBay 4.0: Multiple Platforms, One Great Experience

Jennifer Lowe, eBay News Team

Steve Fisher and RJ Pittman share their vision for eBay’s future.

At the 2015 Seller Summit, Chief Product Officer RJ Pittman outlined plans to make eBay the best choice for customers, a powerful platform and a product with relevant experiences.

“There are over 800 million items available in our catalog and growing,” said he said.

Over 1,000 eBay sellers gathered at the event, a two-day conference dedicated to connecting, learning, and networking with sellers and eBay employees.  

Following a Q&A where eBay’s leaders answered questions straight from the sellers, Pittman and Steve Fisher, Chief Technology Officer, outlined the technology team’s strategic priorities.

Fisher focused on improving platform security, speed, and availability, as well as harnessing the power of data to unlock discoverability. "We're re-building the scaffolding of eBay,” said Fisher.

Pittman painted a picture of eBay’s vision for creating a marketplace with relevant experiences that brings selling to the forefront.

“We are creating one experience for all,” he said, introducing eBay 4.0’s unified mobile experience. “Why? Because our customers use them all.”

As Pittman took the audience through a live demo of the new eBay 4.0 app, several items from Pittman’s eBay store were bid on and bought in real time, to the delight of the audience - and Pittman.

At the end of the demo, Pittman purchased an EVH Stripe Series Red/Black/White Guitar from Rocky Schiano, who owns the Street Sounds of NYC store on eBay. Schiano had previously told his story at eBay’s Day One celebrations about how selling his merchandise on eBay allowed his music store to not only survive but thrive.

Pittman thanked the sellers and his product team for their work and support, and stated the guitar would be placed in the eBay Portland office to commemorate the journey.


Watch this video to learn more about the features of eBay 4.0: