eBay and the Presidential Cybersecurity Summit

eBay Inc. Staff

On Friday, February 13, President Obama is hosting a Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection Summit at Stanford. The goal of the event is to bring together major stakeholders on cybersecurity and consumer protection issues to help shape public and private sector efforts to protect American consumers and companies.

Protecting consumer information is a top priority at eBay, and we understand that privacy is one of the leading topics of concern for citizens, consumers, and businesses across the globe. We believe that consumers deserve to have control over when and how their information is used or shared, and we have policies in place specifically designed to honor those decisions.


Leading the Way in Customer Privacy
eBay continues to be a leader in protecting your privacy through our Binding Corporate Rules. These Corporate Rules represent a commitment to protect your personal information regardless of where the data resides. We’ve recently celebrated five years of mobile innovation, making ecommerce simpler and more accessible for our customers who use mobile devices.

eBay continues to be at the forefront of  ecommerce in developing consumer friendly apps, with the understanding that protecting your privacy and information is a critical piece of the development process.


Learn More about Privacy
eBay’s Privacy Center is focused on enabling our members to learn about our products, solutions, and our privacy practices.

We want to hear from you if you have suggestions or concerns related to your privacy, so we’ve provided a method to contact us, as well as an opportunity to learn more about our team on our Global Privacy Office page.